Zripa focuses on ensuring that your hardware performs efficiently for as long as possible. Many device components can be replaced cost effectively to extend and preserve the life of your hardware. Our experienced technicians proficiently repair your hardware onsite, reducing downtime and unexpected costs.
Remote support is our "Tier 1" for desktop support.

It is affordable solution for small support issues such as
  • connection and email issues,
  • driver problems.
  • router and wireless configuration.
  • Software crashes.
  • E-mail password recovery.
Your business's success is our priorty, Zripa® offers specialized services like the following to help enhance productivity:
  • Graphics\Website Design
  • Application Development
  • Virtualization
  • Disaster Recovery\Prevention
  • Hosted Services
  • Mobile Device Support
​Platforms Supported​
Support for Cloud
  • Setup iCloud
  • Configure MAC​
  • Configure iCloud for PC​
  • Configure iCloud for iPad/iPod
Support for Android
  • Setup Android software
  • Configure Android Software​
  • Rooting Android Device​
  • Driver Failure troubleshooting​
  • Android Sync on PC/MAC
Support for XBOX
  • Unpack & Setup XBOX
  • Configure XBOXdevices​
  • Configure XBOX features​
  • Configure XBOX HDD
Support for Playstation
  • Unpack & Setup PS3
  • Configure PS3 devices​
  • Configure PS3 features​
  • Configure PS3 HDD
Support for Apple
  • Connecting various devices
  • Regular updates
  • Clean ups for best performance
  • Security optimizations
Support for Windows
  • Troubleshooting OS issues
  • Installation and configuration of softwares
  • Virus removal and anti-virus support​
  • Maintenance and tweaking for maximum performance