Computer Support
Enhance the speed of your computer with Zripa’s remarkable tech support.

Our Zripa Certified technicians can instantly support you to fix the issues affecting the performance of your computer. Usually, computer problems can occur due to software conflict, usage of incompatible drivers, virus attack or even registry troubles. We can check the status of version of Windows installed on your computer and scan the system for its vital updates. Viruses and spyware can degrade the performance of your computer, which may result into no-boot situation. Our tech experts can update the pre-configured antivirus on Windows and keep its virus definitions updated to fight against all sorts of attacks. Moreover we can clear the redundant files like Internet cache, application logs, installation history and many other leftover icons so that virus cannot hide within these files.

Our technicians can update the drivers for every single device connected on your computer. Our experts can remotely configure the software associated with peripheral devices to regularly inform you about their respective updates. Zripa tech experts can manage to set-up your printer and scanner to help you easily scan your photos and further take printouts. For safety purposes, we can create restore point on Windows, which can help you to get back to the previous settings at the time of computer failure.

Just give us the green light to access your PC remotely via the Internet and our tech experts can provide assistance in fixing issues causing slow and sluggish performance of your computer.

Call Zripa and our tech experts are there to support you to fix the registry problems and further optimize the speed of your computer.
Scope of Service
  • Optimizing the performance of your computer at one-flat-rate
  • Installing latest web browser for safe and secure browsing
  • Improving booting time for your computer
  • Instant access anytime to expert technicians via the Internet
  • Skilled technicians to fix all issues with your computer
ZRIPA’s Unlimited Subscription Plan
Comprehensive support for your PC, connected devices, peripherals and over 100 software applications including:

  • Diagnostic & repair of your Computer issues
  • Troubleshooting software errors.
  • Updating drivers and security to protect against online threats.
  • Connecting to the Internet, devices and peripherals.
  • Optimizing your PC’s speed and performance.
Unlimited access to great tech support, all year around. We promise the lowest wait-time and highest resolution rate in the industry.

Optimizing the performance of your computer at one-flat-rate Installing latest web browser for safe and secure browsing Improving booting time for your computer Instant access anytime to expert technicians via the Internet Skilled technicians to fix all issues with your computer.
I worked with one of your technicians today to resolve a problem. He found the problem, very skilled in the resolution of the problem. He was very professional in communicating with me .. It was a satisfying experience for me to be in capable hands-Frank Marsh

AJ was a tremendous help . Cannot tell you how pleasant it was to be guided out of a most trying situation. I almost just threw the whole computer out of the window until AJ convinced me that it was not necessary....that all of my problems could be fixed.....and that he did. Thank you for having such a pleasant and knowledgeable individual on the other side of the telephone. Believe me the hard earned dollars that I had to spend to have my problem solved was well worth it....and almost painless because of AJ. And so, I thank you again....-Jayson more

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